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Sam Challis

Sam Challis, Tech Editor

Sam Challis, Tech Editor     Sam Challis, Tech Editor

What bike do you ride?

A 3T Exploro - it does an equally good job at being both a road and gravel bike depending on which wheels I slot into the frame.

Where is your favourite place to ride your bike and why?

My home in Dorset - innumerable traffic-free, picturesque and challenging lanes are 5 mins from my front door 

What got you into cycling? 

Watching Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France with my dad explaining the tactics

Who do you rate the most on the pro scene?

Matheiu Van Der Poel - there doesn't seem to be much he won't be able to accomplish at some point in his career. He also weighs north of 75kg (like many normal riders) so his performances are somewhat relatable, which makes them all the more impressive.  

What's been your favourite memory over the past 100 issues of Cyclist? 

An epic ride in Gran Canaria with a close friend for a feature in Cyclist issue 54. Unseasonably cold and wet, no more than gilets and arm warmers, 3000m ascent, 12 hours in the saddle, 10km descent in the dark to finish. Type 2 fun definitely, but an awesome story to tell!

Any funny behind the scene stories you can share?  

James Spender's sculpted physique is built on copious raw veg consumption, Joe Robinson is a more of a geeza than Danny Dyer, Stu Bowers is more grey than blonde, Pete Muir has a stupendous 83cm saddle height, Pete Stuart is smarter than Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, Jack Elton-Walters loves the Isle of Wight more than you love your mum, Rob Milton secretly likes MTBing more than road riding, Martin James' fondness of Reggae Reggae crisps keeps Levi Roots in business


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