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Rob Milton, Art Director

Rob Milton, Art Director

Rob Milton, Art Director     Rob Milton, Art Director

What bike do you ride?

Road, Cervelo R3. MTB, Trek fuel ex 9.8. and my newest acquisition a Kink gap xl BMX
I also own many other bikes including a cyclocross bike I built myself but these are the ones I am currently riding. 

Where is your favourite place to ride your bike and why?

Milton Keynes BMX track because I can ride with my kids.

What got you into cycling? 

Suppose my dad when I was 3 or 4. riding my BMX around the block.
I also used to video every tour stage off the tv when I was a kid and id watch it over and over and over again until next years race when I record over my one videotape with that year's race.
My mum used to do it for me if I was out so I'd never miss a stage.

Who do you rate the most on the pro scene? 

These days Mathieu van der Poel, he's just amazing at everything. Jolanda Neff pretty special too. 
But as a kid, I was a massive Djamolidine Abdoujaparov fan but I think mostly because of his long name and he rode for Polty who were my favourite team because they had the best-designed jerseys. or so I thought when I was 10. 

What's been your favourite memory over the past 100 issues of Cyclist? 

It's either seeing issue one on the shelf for the first time or the trip to Bhutan - seeing the Himalayas is always a breathtaking experience.

Any funny behind the scene stories you can share?  

Over the years all our mums rearrange the shelves in WH Smiths to put their sons and daughters magazines at the front of the newsstand. There is also a secret mum of cyclist bake-off going on. 


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