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Pete Muir, Editor

Pete Muir, Editor

Pete Muir, Editor     Pete Muir, Editor

What bike do you ride?

My favourite bike (I own the minimum allowable four bikes) is the bike I built myself at a framebuilding course. It's a Columbus steel road bike that rides like a dream and which I love more than life itself.

Where is your favourite place to ride your bike and why?

The best place I've ridden is the Dolomites in northern Italy. Towering peaks, winding roads, classic climbs, and awash with the history of cycling. What more could anyone want?

What got you into cycling? 

A bad back. My dodgy discs meant I had to give up running, so I came to cycling fairly late in life, but have made up for lost time since.

Who do you rate the most on the pro scene? 

Peter Sagan. Not only is he a prolific race-winner, he brings much-needed personality to a sport that can at times be too po-faced and self-reverential. 

What's been your favourite memory over the past 100 issues of Cyclist? 

Right at the beginning in 2011, sitting alone in an office, staring at a piece of paper with 'New cycling magazine' scribbled at the top. It was such an exciting time, being able to dream up the concept of the magazine, build the team and see it become reality. It still feels like yesterday.

Any funny behind the scene stories you can share?  

It wasn't funny at the time, but I had two bikes stolen while on a photo shoot in the North York Moors. The B&B wouldn't let me bring them indoors, so I locked them to the roof of the car.
'Don't worry,' said the landlady, 'we haven't had a robbery round here in 50 years'. That was the night sheep rustlers came to steal the neighbouring farm's sheep…


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