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James Spender, Deputy Editor

James Spender, Deputy Editor

James Spender, Deputy Editor     James Spender, Deputy Editor

What bike do you ride?

Despite all the test bikes we're lucky enough to get(but sadly always give back), I spend most time commuting to work on an aged alloy Eddy Merckx from the early 2000s. It was my first ever road bike, and despite the crack in the BB weld, self-indexing headset and mismatched parts, it's still the bike I love most.

Where is your favourite place to ride your bike and why?

Back from the pub and across London city late at night, because you're never as fast as after a beer. Or the Mani peninsula in Greece, where the mountains literally tumble to the sea, and there's no one around.

What got you into cycling? 

Bikes. I just love bikes. But you have to ride them if you own them (cycling also means you can eat more, which is great)

Who do you rate the most on the pro scene? 

Not a fan really. Would rather be out riding. That said, seeing a bike race in the flesh, from amateurs to pros, is a thrilling joy to behold. Over a bit quick though. 

What's been your favourite memory over the past 100 issues of Cyclist? 

Too many to list because anything that involves a bike is a good memory. Opening the first box of issue 1's was pretty special. That and interviewing Eddy Merckx in issue 40 which led to singing the Beatles with him (badly), riding the Taiwan KOM sportive and eating fried chicken with peanut butter ice cream on top afterwards.

Any funny behind the scene stories you can share?  

I climbed out of a second-floor hotel window to get McDonald's after a post-Tour night out because I didn't want to walk through the lobby bar where all the other journalists were.


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