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Peter Stuart, Digital Editor

Rob Milton, Art Director     Peter Stuart, Digital Editor

What bike do you ride?

Whatever I’m testing at the time! I sold my last bike about 7 years ago, as I just never used it. I have to review roughly 20 bikes each year for the magazine and website. 
I like to ride a long-term test Specialized Tarmac when I can, and also look after a friend’s classic Dutch bike that I love to ride around town extremely slowly. 

Where is your favourite place to ride your bike and why?

I love riding in Mallorca. There’s something so friendly about the roads there, and having ridden them for years I always look forward to revisiting the routes I know so well like the Cap de Formentor. 
I’m also a huge fan of cycling in the Cote d’Azur, in the hills of the St Tropez region. While they lack the imposing epic scale of the Alps, they’re so quiet and surrounded with uniquely stunning vineyards.

What got you into cycling? 

In my teens, I used cycling as a way of cross-training for rowing when I was in the junior national squad, but over time I just became attached to my bike as a way of getting around. I didn’t get a driving license until I was 30. In my 20s I was really enamoured by time trialling, racing, and foreign sportives and granfondos.

Who do you rate the most on the pro scene? 

We interviewed Alex Dowsett recently, and while he isn’t a big GC contender, or a World Champion time triallist, I was absolutely amazed by everything he’s had to overcome with his haemophilia. He also pulls it all off while being a thoroughly friendly and decent bloke. 

What's been your favourite memory over the past 100 issues of Cyclist? 

It’s hard to call it my favourite memory, as it was agony, but it would have to be when I reached the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Cycling from the Hawaiian coast to the summit of Mauna Kea is a 4,207m climb and over 90km long. It’s the hardest climb on earth and took me 11 hours, but the view from the summit was surreal, and I was in a state of total awe (slightly amplified by my altitude sickness).

Any funny behind the scene stories you can share?  

The whole team is a lot of fun, and most days we manage to have a laugh between all the work that goes into the magazine. 

Probably the funniest moment on the job was one day when Off Road editor Stu Bowers spoke about how glad he was that the windows in our office had one-way glass. He often positioned a bike box between himself and the window so he could change quickly between test rides or before riding home, he explained, so was glad no-one could see in. Not without a touch of amusement, we were forced to tell him that it was our old office that had the one-way glass. As it transpired, for months he’d been inadvertently exposing himself to a busy Fitzrovia street from the 2nd floor of our building.


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